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 I can’t access the image gallery. Why doesn’t my password work?

 The members only image gallery is protected with a secret password that changes every few weeks.  This is DIFFERENT from your subscription login information. You will always be able to find the current gallery password on your Subscriber Dashboard.  For this reason, you should bookmark your Subscriber Dashboard and always enter the image gallery from there when you need images.  

If you haven't already, take a minute to watch the welcome video on your dashboard to get an idea for how to get the most out of your membership.

Can I still buy individual images from Social Squares?



My password isn’t working, what can I do?



How do I make changes to my plan or my account?


Social Squares is now exclusively a subscription based service. You can no longer purchase individual images from Social Squares from the image catalogue.  For the cost of about 4 individual images you can now have unlimited access to the entire image gallery to download any image you need as a subscriber. We think this will add tremendous value to you as a customer! 

If you have forgotten your password to login to your Subscriber Dashboard , please use the link provided on the login page to reset your password and follow the instructions sent to you.

If you cannot access the image gallery, please use the secret password found on your Subscriber Dashboard, not your personal login password. See question 1 for more details!

You can make changes to your account by logging in to your Subscriber Dashboard and scrolling down to the button that reads "Your Account Info" right above the contact form.  Click on that button and from there you can access your plan details, change your credit card on file, update your email address, make changes to your plan, etc.