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We get you.

It's noon on a Tuesday and as you wrangle leftovers out of the back of the fridge with one hand, you are simultaneously frantically scrolling through your camera roll for an image to post to Instagram with the other.  Why does it seem like everyone else has an endless stream of image content and an effortless social media schedule and here you are...again...looking for an image that isn't of your dog or your 5th cup of coffee or worse...another shot of your feet.

You try to set up a cute shot of your work-day lunch (#bosslady) but your leftovers are looking, well...like leftovers.  No champagne and macaroons here, just another creative trying to turn her dreams into a reality.

I'm gonna take a guess that if you are on this page you are not a Flatlay stylist. You are a designer, a shop owner, a blogger, an artist, a wedding photographer, a food blogger, an educator or a speaker. You are a creative small business owner and as such, you wear a lot of hats while simultaneously wearing your pjs. (We see you #softpants)

I'm sure you'd agree, your time is valuable - and limited.

Who has time for that?

The average business owner shares around 15 images a week. If it only took you 20 minutes to style, shoot and edit an image for social media, you would be losing an average of 5 hours a week, 20 hours a month and 240 hours a year creating social media images! We think your time is way too valuable for that!

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We're here to help stop the madness

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