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“I’ve been tracking my social media engagement and views since beginning to use Social Squares in June and over the last four months our views have more than doubled and our engagement is up by 11%! I love this tool and can’t wait to see how it continues to help us be seen.”
— Samantha Johnson

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Happy November! Does anyone else feel like Halloween through New Years is just one giant two month gauntlet of foods-you-should-not-eat?! I already have candy bar crumbs on my keyboard (Take 5’s are just best candy bar EVER invented) and we’ve had halloween candy in the house for less than 24 hours.

I digress.

Since our big announcement about expanding the variety of images in Social Squares we have already brought on 6 new contributing photographers to shoot for YOU with a diverse variety of aesthetics and subject matters. This is incredibly exciting and I have been blown away by the talent out there. All this means is more image variety for you!

Also, since we actually give a rip around here (haha) about your business being successful and profitable (and not just lots of likes and follows) we have added a new section below with free online trainings that we are loving. This month is all about Instagram but you will see a wide variety of helpful business content highlighted each month both there and in the “Articles we are loving” section.

As always, if there is a type of image that you are looking for and not seeing please drop us note via the contact form below. We read every request and add them to our shoot queue!




Nov 1 | Author’s Day #NationalAuthorsDay**

Nov 4 | Candy Day #NationalCandyDay**

Nov 11 | Veterans Day #VeteransDay**

Nov 13 | World Kindness Day #WorldKindnessDay**

Nov 20 | Entrepreneurs Day #NationalEntrepreneursDay**

Nov 22 | Thanksgiving Day #ThanksgivingDay**

Nov 24 | Small Business Saturday #ShopSmall**

  • We will continue to add new images every single month

  • You can still "favorite" your favorite images to come back to later.

  • Images can be downloaded one at a time to either your desktop or phone.

  • We recommend keeping all of your downloaded Social Squares images in one place in a Dropbox folder so that you can access them from your mobile devices for long term social media scheduling and on-the-go posting.

  • You will need to return here to your dashboard for the new gallery password each month!


** We have the perfect images for these specific Hashtag Holidays in our image catalogue!



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