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Happy September!

Have you noticed?!  We've begun adding a brand new collection of images to your exclusive Social Squares catalogue EVERY WEEK! 

That's right - now you will find new images just about every time you visit the gallery!

Over the last four weeks we have added a gorgeous health and fitness collection, a french inspired breakfast collection, a back-to-school collection (and all the mom's said "Amen!") and a beautiful neutral marble desktop collection that you wont want to miss!

As always, we love receiving your feedback and image requests via the contact form below. We read every one and add your suggestions to our production queue!

With love,


P.S. Don’t forget to tag us as @socialsquares when you use the images!  We regularly feature your gorgeous feeds on our stories!



Sept 3 | Labor Day #laborday**

Sept 6 | Read a Book Day #ReadABookDay**

Sept 12 | Positive Thinking Day #PositiveThinkingDay

Sept 15 | International Dot Day #InternationalDotDay**

Sept 21 | International Day of Peace #InternationalDayOfPeace**

Sept 24 | Family Day #FamilyDay

Sept 30 | International Podcast Day #InternationalPodcastDay**

  • We will continue to add new images every single month
  • You can still "favorite" your favorite images to come back to later.
  • Images can be downloaded one at a time to either your desktop or phone.
  • We recommend keeping all of your downloaded Social Squares images in one place in a Dropbox folder so that you can access them from your mobile devices for long term social media scheduling and on-the-go posting.
  • You will need to return here to your dashboard for the new gallery password each month!

** We have the perfect images for these specific Hashtag Holidays in our image catalogue!



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