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I love the ease and variety of the Social Squares library. I have tried other memberships, but come back to Social Squares because they are the best!
— Laura Pickering (SS member)

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Because some of my favorite image collections ever have gone into Social Squares in the past few week! We added a beautifully curated “Surf and Turf” collection for our beach lovers, a soft pink curated collection for our pink lovers, a “Summer Wardrobe” collection for all things travel and fashion, another bold and bright collection from our collaboration with the one and only LISH Creative and a “Summer Work Life” collection that most of you watched me create behind the scenes on my Instagram stories this past month!

We’re enjoying these last few weeks of summer and loving every last minute of the bold and bright collors of summer before we begin to transition to fall and we hope that you do to!

Do business beautifully friends!

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August Hashtag Holidays:

August 2 | Coloring Book Day  #NationalColoringBookDay**

August 4 | Campfire Day #CampfireDay** (We have chocolate for smores…) 

August 9 | Book Lovers Day #NationalBookLoversDay**

August 15 | Relaxation Day #NationalRelaxationDay**

August 16 | Tell A Joke Day #NationalTellAJokeDay

August 26 | National Dog Day #NationalDogDay**

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  • Images can be downloaded one at a time to either your desktop or phone.

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** We have the perfect images for these specific Hashtag Holidays in our image catalogue!



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