Your monthly Stock Box subscription includes:


We get you.


It's noon on a Tuesday and as you wrangle leftovers out of the back of the fridge with one hand, you are simultaneously frantically scrolling through your camera roll for an image to post to Instagram with the other.  Why does it seem like everyone else has an endless stream of image content and an effortless social media schedule and here you are...again...looking for an image that isn't of your dog or your 5th cup of coffee.

You try to set up a cute shot of your work-day lunch (#bosslady) but your leftovers are looking, leftovers.  

No champagne and macaroons here, just another creative trying to turn her dreams into a reality.


I'm gonna take a guess that if you are on this page you are not a Flatlay stylist. You are a designer, a shop owner, a blogger, an artist, a wedding photographer, a food blogger, an educator or a are a creative small business owner and as such, you wear a lot of hats while simultaneously sometimes wearing your pjs. (We see you #softpants) 

I'm sure you'd agree, your time is valuable - and limited.

You have a unique brand. We provide the stunning imagery to get you noticed. Social Squares exists to help you create a follow-worthy feed so that you can spend less time taking and editing photos for social media and more time doing what you do best for your business.  

The Stock Box Subscription ensures that you are never again without a polished and eye catching image to post. 


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A monthly "stock box" of 30 curated social media images

Exclusive Subscriber Content

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30 curated social media images a month for an entire year

Exclusive Subscriber Content

$15 a month - billed annually




+ How do I know if this will be worth it for me?

We are SO confident that a subscription to the Stockbox is worth it! Why? Because if you use just 3 images out of the 30 sent to you that month you will have gotten your money's worth! Where else can you get $180 worth of social media images for $19 a month ($15 a month if you choose an annual subscription!)

But thats not the only return on your investment! If you use even just ONE of those beautiful scroll stopping images with a caption that reminds people about your service or product and convinces them to click on your profile link and purchase from you then the ROI (return on investment) for that single image becomes exponential!

Lastly, one of the benefits unique to subscribers is that as you stockpile your 30 images each month, you quickly build up an arsenal of gorgeous imagery to use for years to come! If you subscribe for even one year you will have accumulated 360 professional and polished images for social media - thats $2,160 of commercial photography to elevate your brand for just $180 (annual subscription price).

Worth it? We think its a no brainer!

+ What kind of images will be included in my monthly Stock Box?

No surprises here - We don't want you wondering what kind of images are coming your way. Each month we will hand select 30 images from the beautiful Social Squares image catalogue as well as mix in some never-before-seen images that aren't in the public gallery yet! As we curate your monthly images we will be paying attention to current seasons and everyone's favoite #Hashtag Holidays to ensure that your images are relevant for each month.

**Because we want to ensure that all subscription images are usable by a diverse population there will not be any images with hands or skin tone representation given as a part of the subscription.

+ Are these images only for social media?

Absolutely not! These are your images to do what you like with. We think that they would also make great images for Facebook, newsletters, Pinterest and blog posts.

+ Do I need to give credit when I post?

All Social Squares images are royalty free and no crediting is needed when you post. Of course, if you want to give us a shout out you can feel free to tag us on Instagram as @socialsquares. We love to see how you are using your images!

+ What are the image dimensions?

All images are 1200 x 1200.

+ Can I cancel anytime?

Our monthly subscribers can cancel anytime! Annual Subscribers can always cancel before their plan renews and will maintain access to the monthly images until their annual subscription is up. Due to the nature of digital file delivery there are no refunds.