We're so glad you asked!


Q : What size are Social Squares images?

A : All images are 1200x1200 pixels.  Which just happens to be the PERFECT size for most social media platforms, including Instagram.


Q : Do I need to give credit when I use Social Squares Images?

A: Nope! These images are yours to use. But if you do want to spread the word about your love for the shop feel free to tag us with @socialsquares and #socialsquares and we will be over-the-moon with excitement!


Q : How often will new images be added to the shop?

A: We will be adding new images to the Social Squares shop monthly!  Get excited for seasonal additions and even images for your favorite #hashtagholidays! We're extra excited about that idea!


Q : Can I use these images in places other than on Instagram?

A: Absolutely! In addition to being perfect for social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, we also think that these images are perfect for creating Pin-worthy blog posts, newsletter headers, even custom buttons on your website. Bottom line?  These are yours to use in any way that helps you to do business beautifully!


Q : What is the difference between Social Squares images and SC Stockshop images?

A: SC Stockshop images are very high resolution (5500px wide)  professionally styled images with typically very detailed stylings, sold in a very limited quantity (10 per image) for exclusivity in use and are designed to be able to be cropped down and used in dozens and dozens of ways from full page website banners to your branded print collateral pieces.  They are shot at such a high resolution that a single full desktop overhead styling can be cropped into 30+ different gorgeous Instagram images while still being sharp and in focus! These are images that you typically purchase according to your brand color palette and serve as a set of images that incorporate consistently across your visual brand presentation.  See a great example of this here!

Social Squares are meant to me a supplement, specifically in regards to social media, to the images that you have built your brand around. Social Squares are the perfect resolution for all major social media platforms (1200x1200) and are sold in unlimited quantity of downloads which helps keep the per image cost lower for you the user.  Social Squares image styling is more minimalist in nature so that there is more flexibility in who they can be used by!  While you can typically continue to use your Stockshop images until your branding changes, Social Squares images can be more disposable in nature allowing you to keep putting out fresh content for your followers.


Q : When will membership be available!?

A: We are finalizing the details of what membership will look like to ensure that it is the best styled stock membership option out there and are hoping to roll out membership in the next 3 months! We are as excited as you guys are!