Social Squares styled stock membership is looking for HIGHLY talented photographers and content creators to contribute photo and video imagery to the Social Squares member’s-only stock catalogue on a regular basis. 
One of our goals is to always increase the diversity and variety of imagery styles in the Social Squares catalogue while still providing a cohesive and high-quality product line for subscribers. We’ve expanded from a catalogue of elevated flat lays to a body of imagery that includes stunning lifestyle, editorial, still life and video work across a wide variety of subjects and themes from landscapes and travel vignettes to food and cooking, health and beauty, motherhood, and interiors all in a variety of styles and aesthetics! Social Squares is proud to be the MECCA for the most high quality imagery among our competitors and we work with amazing contributors like you to keep it that way!

We will consider any and all photographers, videographers and content creators for inclusion as Social Squares Contributors. Your acceptance as a SS Contributor will be based purely on the quality and desirability of the imagery content that your initial application and your continuation as a SS Contributor will be based on the quality and desirability of the images that you continue to supply regularly.

Selection of Contributors:

We are looking for talented imagery creators to contribute sets of images and/or video as frequently as monthly. We will not be signing ongoing contracts with contributors, but will work on a set by set or month by month basis as long as the images contributed are a good fit for Social Squares.

Frequency of Contribution

For each submission, contributors will be asked to submit a collection of 20-50 potential images and/or video for consideration. We will then select images and/or videos from the submission for the Social Squares catalogue based on what best suits the needs of the current Social Squares catalogue and subscribers. See “logistics” below for details.

Commissioned Shoots:

For each submission, contributors will be asked to submit a collection of 20-50 potential images and/or video for consideration. We will then select images and/or videos from the submission for the Social Squares catalogue based on what best suits the needs of the current Social Squares catalogue and subscribers. See “logistics” below for details.

Number of Images:

We are looking for LOTS of diversity as it relates to composition, style, aesthetic, camera angle as well as subject and theme. Of current interest to us are lifestyle, creative business, WFH, travel, home interiors, motherhood, food, cooking, health/fitness, fashion. Images can be older (from your personal archives) or new sets that you create for us, or some combination of both. For visual reference, be sure to check out our Instagram Collection Guides for insight into the type of imagery we’re seeking.

Image Diversity:

Images and video with recognizable subjects will require a model release (face clearly shown). We also will not accept any images with recognizable brand elements, logos or copyrighted design elements on them. It will be your responsibility to ensure that everything submitted for inclusion in the Social Squares Catalogue is free of any possible copyright infringement.


We pride ourselves here at Social Squares for providing only the highest commercial quality imagery for our subscribers. Contributors and individual images will always be selected based not only on content and composition but technical image quality (color, lighting, clarity, composition, clean editing, image sharpness etc)

Image Quality:

Final Images delivered will need to be fully edited 2300px short-end at 72ppi, sharpened, optimized and exported for web and ready for placement in the Social Squares Catalogue.

Final Videos delivered will need to be a minimum of 1080 x 1920ppi (but can be larger), 5-15 seconds in length and under 20 MB with audio removed.


All images contributed will become a part of our Social Squares subscribers-only image catalogue for the use of our subscribers. All Social Squares image licensing is non-commercial royalty free for their personal or business use.

Image End Use:

As a Social Squares contributing photographer we will require you to sign a contract to ensure that all imagery that you contribute are yours to actually license to us and that you will not be selling or giving them away on your own or on any other stock website. You will be free to continue to otherwise use your imagery for your own personal, professional and commercial use in any way OTHER THAN as stock photography or video.


If you are an accepted contributor, we will ask you to set up a free Pixieset gallery where you will be able to upload any and all images and/or video that you wish to be considered for contribution. Our team will curate a final collection of “favorited” imagery based on what we think will be appealing to our SS subscribers. You will have one gallery labeled “SUBMISSION” that you will reuse for each image submission and one titled “READY” that will be for final downloadable files.


A recurring flat rate per image set will be predetermined between our team and the contributing photographer based on their skill and experience level and the quality of images they produce. That predetermined rate will stay the same regardless of the type or theme of the images. As a reference point, the average current rate for our contributors is around $20/image and $60/video. Payment will be upon delivery of the image set each month or in some cases as a recurring deposit for regular contributors.

Rates & Payment:

Any propping will be at the contributing photographers expense unless otherwise arranged.


Because of the volume of images and contributors we are seeking, we are not able to credit individual photographers either in the image catalogue or on social media for their individual images. Images will simply be credited as belonging to “Social Squares.” However, we want it to be no secret that we are working with talented photographers from all over the world to bring our subscribers 1st class image content so we love to promote our amazing contributors.


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