How To Turn One Piece of Content Into 12

This guide will change the way you make content!

Content creation can be SO time consuming and energy-sucking. You most likely started your  business to escape the daily  grind only to be stuck in the ever-turning and never-ending machine of content creation. In this guide we’ll  show you how to repurpose your content across multiple platforms and be more effective with your content creation.

If you only share a single piece of content onto 1 platform you are missing out on an opportunity to:

  1. Simplify your content creation process 
  2. Save time
  3. AND the best part, reach a greater audience

Here’s the secret sauce: Start with 1 key piece of content and from there, create all the other supporting pieces of content.

The Key Piece of Content:

This key piece of content will be your foundational content that will lead to creating multiple forms of content.

When you are building a house, the foundation is one of the most important parts of the build. It is the anchor for the house and provides structure and stability for the rest of the building. When starting with a foundational piece of content it too will provide the structure and stability for the rest of your content. 
SO, since the foundational piece of content is the most important, here are the 3 key rules we recommend you follow when creating your foundational piece of content.

Rule 1:

It works best if it is a long-form piece of content. Long-form content is usually between 1000-7500 words. The sweet spot for us at Social Squares is between 1000-1500 words. To give you an example, this guide is around 1000 words in length. The purpose of long-form content is to provide valuable information to the reader or the viewer. Some examples of long-form content include podcasts, Youtube videos, blogs or  webinars.

Rule 2:

Your foundational piece of content needs to be based on an actionable topic. The perfect topic is one where you can create  3-6 valuable and actionable steps that your audience can take to either  learn or implement the concept you discuss.

Rule 3:

Choose a topic your audience is interested in! There is no point putting a lot of brain power and energy into a piece of content that your audience doesn’t even resonate with.

Now let’s put this into action with an example case:

Here at Social Squares we offer beautiful curated femine stock photos for women who want their brands to look amazing online. SO, with this in mind an example of a foundational piece of content for us could be a Youtube video around the topic of “6 Do’s & Don’ts For Clickable Pinterest Pins”.

  • This topic will make a great  long-from video for Youtube
  • The topic will have 6 actionable steps
  • And it’s a topic that would interest our audience

Now we have a foundational piece of content that satisfies the 3 key rules, let’s look at how we can turn this 1 piece of content  into 12.

Creating Supporting Content In 9 Easy Steps:

Now you have your foundational piece of content, it’s time to work your magic. You’re going to take that piece of content and pull it to pieces to create multiple supporting pieces of content in 9 easy steps. The best way to understand this is to look at our example again.

Step 1:

We’re going to take our Youtube video (“6 Do’s & Don’ts For Clickable Pinterest Pins”) and have it transcribed.There are so many fantastic tools out there to automatically transcribe video for you which makes this process SO easy! Just google “transcribe audio to text” and you will find plenty of options.

Step 2:

Organize your transcribed video text into a blog piece – Voilà!  The second piece of content is ready.

Step 3:

Take the blog text and find 1 killer quote from the text that would appeal to your audience and create a quote graphic. Now you have a Facebook post AND an Instagram post! And of course, you can make more of these quote graphics if you have more than one inspiring quote within your blog.  *Bonus: reuse some of the blog text as your captions on Facebook or Instagram.

Step 4:

Take your 3-5 actionable items from the blog text and create an IG carousel around these actionable points. One point per slide. Make sure you start with an intro slide and end with a call-to-action slide. *Bonus: The call to action can be to check out your blog post or Youtube video!

Step 5:

Now over to the audio from the video. You can extract the audio from the video and post it as a podcast and boom! Another piece of content to reach a different audience!

Step 6:

Now you can take the original Youtube video and create a variety of short form video clips. For example create 1-3 video snippets for each point and post these as reels, Tiktoks, Youtube shorts, Pinterest idea pins and Linkedin posts. This alone can generate so many pieces of content and topic ideas! The best part is, you don’t need to create a different video for each platform, the same video would work on all 5 platforms that I mentioned.

Step 7:

Take the blog text and create it into a simple 1-2 page pdf to create a “guide” – like this one that you are reading. Now you have a lead magnet.

Step 8:

Create 10 pins for Pinterest based on this content topic. Link your pins back to either your lead magnet from step 7, your blog from step 2 or your foundational content piece, in this case the Youtube video!

Step 9:

Create an email for your list using snippets of the text from the blog or send them an email letting them know you have a new blog or Youtube video ready for them!

If you follow these steps you will have 12- 30 pieces of content depending on how you personally break down your foundational piece of content. When done right, you set yourself up to simplify your content creation process and reach a greater audience for the fraction of the time. Who doesn’t want that!


  1. Sara says:

    This is so clear and incredibly helpful. Thank you for the roadmap!

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