Save Time On Content Planning with Lifestyle Stock Photos

If you are frustrated with the whole content planning discipline in social media marketing, you’re not alone.  Most entrepreneurs aren’t social media experts or graphic designers.  Yet, some have an outstanding social media presence with great lifestyle imagery. How do they post so often and so well? We’ll let you in on a secret…

…While their posts look spontaneous and effortless, they were planned to look that way. And, they keep showing up in your feed so you can’t forget them. (It works, doesn’t it!) They’re not posting in the moment – these posts are orchestrated efforts that get results.  We want that for you, too.


Using styled stock photos is a great way to start a regular cadence of content, while alleviating the pressure of posting in the moment. They can also help you map out content. For example, as you head into autumn and back-to-school season, fall is in the air. That’s why Social Squares adds images with glorious fall foliage, and warm shades of orange, yellow, red and brown. Go ahead and block an hour on your calendar this week to find images that fit stories you’d like to tell in the coming season.

Some content is time sensitive. Case in point, if you’re in retail, you probably spent most of the year breaking even or being in the red. But come the Friday after Thanksgiving, you’re operating in the black (hence, Black Friday) and everything you sell is profit. It’s never too early to plan for this make-or-break-season – major retailers plan the following year’s holiday season in early January! 

We know many in our community celebrate the holidays with their followers on social media. How will you be celebrating with your followers this year? Will you light candles with them from November 28 – December 6 for the Festival of Lights? Does your brand have some awesome gift ideas for family and friends who celebrate Christmas? Or, perhaps you can share how your business is living the 7 Principles of Kwanzaa from December 26 to January 1. Think about it, get it on your content calendar, then find festive holiday lifestyle stock images at Social Squares. 

If you need some help creating brand-right captions for images, check out our blog – One Image, 8 Different Captions:

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